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Big Dreams Lead to Big Changes, and Zero Emissions

Dream big

Cummins and Blue Bird have been powering zero-emission buses for student transportation for districts across the U.S. With more than 100 battery-electric buses delivered throughout the country, it was a natural time to reflect back to when the idea of zero-emission vehicles was merely a dream.

Many of the most powerful dreams our minds imagine come in the face of challenges. Many of the most imaginative dreams come from the minds of children. One can only begin to envision what dreams will come from the children who had their lives and schooling disrupted by the events of 2020. The achievements made in the battery-electric space combined with the perseverance of children, teachers and schools in 2020 was the perfect inspiration for a project that began with Cummins encouraging parents to share their kids’ dreams for the future via social media. From big dreams about the future to an artist’s ability to bring those dreams to life, this project culminated in a manner that inspires optimism about the achievements and advancements that the future may hold.

Check out this article on to learn more about this initiative and see a video on how creativity can bring dreams to life. 

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