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All-Electric School Buses Get Positive Reviews

Do you hear that? Nope? That’s because some students going back to school this fall are riding in electric school buses. More than 100 electric school buses, powered by a Cummins fully electric drivetrain, have been ordered to date from Blue Bird Corporation. Blue Bird electric buses are already operating in California, North Dakota and Washington, and additional buses on order are set to transport students in Colorado, New Jersey, New York and Quebec. Deliveries of these orders will take place through 2019 and into 2020.

Early reviews of the zero-emission electric buses have been positive. The Cummins PowerDrive-equipped buses can help improve air quality while saving on fuel costs and reducing maintenance costs due to a reduction in parts. The buses are capable of up to 120 miles of range and can be recharged in approximately 8 hours using a standard SAE J1772 Level 2 charger, making overnight charging convenient.

For school districts and transportation directors who are interested in adding electric buses, a comprehensive webinar focusing on going electric recently took place and can be viewed through the STN Website. The 60-minute panel features both Cummins and Blue Bird experts alongside several school districts that have received and are currently running electric buses. During the webinar, panelists discuss everything from serviceability and support to integration into an existing fleet, leveraging financing and incentive opportunities and total cost of ownership (TCO). Cummins-powered electric school buses are part of Cummins commitment to continuous innovation for our planet and our communities.

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