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Cummins Offers Three Choices for VW Settlement Funds.

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As everyone in the transit industry is aware, the $14.9 billion settlement of the VW emissions lawsuit includes a $4.9 billion allocation for the purchase of zero-emissions vehicles ($2 billion) and the emissions mitigation trust ($2.9 billion).

The emissions mitigation trust funds have been divided among the 50 states based on the number of VW diesel vehicles registered to that state. Each state is setting its own deadline for municipalities to apply for funding/grants that can reduce the cost of replacing older diesel-powered buses with clean diesel or alternative-fueled vehicles.

Three Cummins powerplants qualify to meet the lower-NOx environmental mitigation trust requirements:

Cummins B6.7 and L9 Clean Diesel and Near-Zero Engines
Cummins B6.7 and L9 Clean Diesel and Near-Zero Engines are consistently industry favorites, with exceptional reliability proven over the past three decades. Particulate matter has been reduced 90% over the past 25 years. NOx has been lowered 95% over the past 15 years.

Cummins Westport B6.7 and L9N Low-NOx Natural Gas Engines
Near-zero emissions combine with the inherent combustion efficiency of renewable natural gas for net-zero emissions. Performance characteristics are comparable to diesel counterparts, and shared components (80%) ensure durability and reliability.

Zero Emissions Battery Electric Powertrain
PowerDrive 7000 EV system uses electric motors that are quieter and simpler than spark-ignited or compression engines. The modular battery pack system allows for simplified maintenance and easy plug-in recharging with zero emissions.

Your local Cummins representative can provide guidance in requesting Volkswagen settlement funding for your specific state. Or you can go online at, provide your contact information and one of our local experts will get in touch with you.

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