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An Easy Guide to DPF Best Practices

An Easy Guide to DPF Best Practices

Cummins recognizes the challenges a school bus technician experiences when maintaining diesel engines equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) aftertreatments. The typical school bus duty cycle requires the engine to operate with relatively high idle times, frequent stop and start events, lack of consistent engine and vehicle speeds and light engine loads, which can impact the efficiency of the DPF. Specific parameter settings, routine and consistent regenerations and the use of genuine ReCon DPFs from Cummins can make this challenge much easier.

The following is a collection of best practices compiled into a checklist that provides guidance when it comes to checking parameter settings, reading aftertreatment performance and ensuring that the DPF is healthy. Some of the settings and reports will require the use of PowerSpec and/or INSITE. The specific rows have been color-coded to reflect which tool can be used to enable/adjust settings as well as read specific performance metrics.

Download Checklist

DPF Checklist

This best practice checklist can be used either manually or edited and saved electronically. The first page provides an easy checklist and recording area along with a section of notes. The following, second (back) page provides guidance on the specific sections of interest.

DPF Checklist

Following this checklist, maintaining good records of maintenance and service events and adjusting the vehicle operation to limit prolonged low engine and vehicle speeds should improve DPF performance and longevity.

PowerSpec is a free software tool that can be used to adjust select engine parameters and read limited engine reports. 

Insite is a subscription-based service and support tool that provides a more comprehensive capability for adjusting engine parameters, calibration tools and engine, aftertreatment and trip reports.

If you missed the last issue of Bus News and would like more suggestions about DPF maintenance, view this past article for additional information.

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