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Cummins Electrifies the Bus Market

Once again, Cummins is extending its portfolio of power products, this time with an innovative fully electric power system for urban, shuttle and intercity bus applications. The Cummins Electric Power Battery System provides a fully electric solution, with modular capabilities to meet the needs of most bus applications.

The Cummins-designed and built batteries utilize lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology to achieve a higher energy density. Cummins proprietary control technology maintains the battery state-of-charge for a longer zero emission bus range. The Cummins Battery Electric System incorporates a traction motor and power electronics to deliver a continuous torque output of 1850 Nm, eliminating the need for gear shifting and dramatically reducing powertrain noise. When the bus requires additional power during rapid acceleration or for climbing gradients, the system delivers an instant peak torque boost up to 3500 N•m.

The range of buses powered by the Power Battery System is maximized through the regenerative braking function of the powertrain. On a frequent stop/start duty cycle, this could contribute the equivalent of 20 percent of the state-of-charge to the overall battery life.

The longest-range version of the Power Battery System uses 74-kWh battery packs with space-efficient packaging. This enables easier bus integration with a modular format that is expandable to eight batteries. On a single charge, this configuration allows up to 385 km (240 miles) operating range.

Electrical energy is exportable from the Cummins system to the electric-powered accessories featured on the bus, such as e-power steering, e-HVAC, e-air compressors and e-cooling fans. The electrical supply from the Cummins system can be both low-voltage DC with up to 21 kW and high-voltage AC with over 30 kW of power, helping to simplify the installation and lower the cost of the e-accessories package.

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